Pauline Avrillon

Palettes de Territoire Pauline Avrillon is a French artist who graduated from École Boulle in design and crafts, She is the winner of the third edition of the Fabbrica Design residency, residency in which she followed and created a research/creation project on the Corsican land. This year she continued her chromatic exploration of landscapes - from Corsica to Occitania, land for which she created new pastels and submitted to Contremarques. The project reveals the chromatic variety to propose a palette of the landscape that everyone will be free to invest through his very own artistic practice. Those handmade pastels from local lands is an invitation to discover the landscape heritage, through a new color database of the territory and another sensible and immediate link to materials. In order to offer a sensitive aspect of the territory, every shade holds the name of the village where the sample was taken. It is in Aveyron that she extracted new shades to elaborate a range of Occitan pastels - especially made for the Sète edition of Contremarques.