Anaïs Tondeur

Distillat des sols de Paris Anaïs Tondeur’s artistic practice links natural sciences and anthropology, alongside myth making and new media. She creates speculative stories which are then narrated in installations, photographies and videos. Anaïs Tondeur graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and the Royal College of Arts (2008 and 2010, London). This edition stems from an investigation into the traces of the petrichor or the smell soil after rain. Often perceived as a pleasant olfactory phenomenon, the petrichor is usually associated with a landscape of undergrowth, humus or relief after the storm. Nevertheless, it is also perceived in cities. What does this smell tell of urban areas when those places are usually understood without soil? As a matter of fact, the Munsell color chart proposes to base the soil classification on their chroma. With this edition the artist and anthropologist, place the sense of smell at the center of their attention to the soils and elaborate an olfactory palette of Paris soils.